Our Farm

Ugie valley feeds produce high-quality haylage, hay, straw& straw pellets at our farm Mains of Buthlaw, Peterhead in Aberdeenshire. We aim to provide top quality fodder for horse owners throughout Scotland. We can cater for all needs ranging from individual horse owners to large livery yards. Our products are grown by us, pack by us, and delivered by us, to ensure total customer satisfaction.

Our farm, Mains of Buthlaw, has always produced high-quality grass for feeding our cattle and sheep. Over time, we have moved away from livestock production and headed towards a growing demand for high-quality haylage, hay and straw products for the equestrian market. Fifteen years ago, we began to brand our products under the Ugie Valley Feeds brand and began to product a range of bale sizes and packs to cater for different markets. We are now in a position where we can grow all our products, process them into a variety of bale sizes and deliver to our customers using our own lorries. Allowing us to have complete control over quality and delivery options for individual customer needs. In 2019 we added our own Straw Pellet plant to our farm, which takes our home grown wheat straw, chops and compresses it into a small pellets shape using nothing but a drop of water. This makes a revolutionary horse bedding alternative, and is also a brilliant eco-friendly and sustainable to Cat Litter& small animal bedding, see our Straw pellet & Petlets product pages for more information.


Our Products

Selected grass mixtures to suit the equestrian market.

Our haylage comes in two sizes. We can do Big square bales measuring 4ft x 6ft x 2.5ft. These are ideal for large yards and shows.Our most popular range are our sealed packs of haylage. These packs are easy to handle and ideal for individual horse owners or customers who do not have heavy machinery to move large bales.

Our straw is produced from our own arable crops

Our straw is produced from our own arable crops, which allows us to use the best quality for our customers. The straw comes in large round bales and conventional small square bales, including our 21 packs.

Selected grass mixtures to suit the equestrian market.

Our hay comes in two very familiar sizes  - 4ft round bales and conventional small square bales, including our 21packs. The small square bales are perfect for most situations; they are easy to stack and easy to handle. We also pack hay into 10 kg clear plastic packs. These packs are ideal for a small animal owner who needs a small supply of excellent quality hay for their pet.

21 Packs
21 packs are available in Sraw and Hay

Our 21 packs combine the ease of small bales, with the convenience of larger bales.
-Quick & easy to load
-Reduces manual handling
-Eliminates wasted space

 21 packs are available in Straw & Hay.


100%sustainable, biodegradable, natural product. We fully extract dust at our plant. The pellets are highly absorbent, gives an extremely cushioned bed, bind the ammonia smell effectively, is very easily handled, and stored. Ideal for large or small animal bedding, as well as highly efficient Cat Litter &Spill Kits.  Available in 15kg bags or 500kg bags.   

How can Straw Pellets help you bed your horse?
Saves you time - much quicker muck out & change over
Saves you wastage - so easy to only take wet or dung out Smaller dung pile & quicker breakdown of waste into nitrogen-rich compost
Saves you money - 7 x 15kg bag will fill a 12x12 box, with a top up of 1/2 bags a week
Saves you mess - no messy straw or sawdust flying about the yard


Petlets are a brilliant alternative to traditional cat litter or small animal bedding, They are Eco-friendly, Scottish, easy to use & natural super absorbent. The Petlets are made from 100%, home-grown wheat straw & pressed into small pellets, here on our family farm.

The Petlets are deigned to help customers make life as easy, safe & as natural as possible for them & their pets. ·       
100%natural, raw product which is grown & process in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. ·
Absorb moisture instantly, and hold 4x its weight it water, so no more wet trays. ·       
Absorb smelly odours very effectively.·       
Safe, Hygienic, Natural product, perfect to use in all homes.·       
Completely chemical free with no additives.·      
Amazingly simple & easy to replenish, no need to change full tray, only remove what is used. ·       
Continually fresh so less product needed, due to no full change over.·       
Quieter on paws than traditional cat litter. ·       
Fully Biodegradable.

Petlets also make excellent small animal bedding, as they provide a comfortable, cushioned bed.